Customer Reviews

Very Very Satisfied

I had Peter Palestri do a landscaping job for me and I can`t tell you how many compliments I got from everyone who saw it. He is a master at creating "seasons of color" and you only learn that from years of experience! What impressed me the most was the fact that he brought his son, also Peter and I listened as he taught him some of the things he learned from years of experience and I know that Bushes Landscaping will be giving nothing but quality for many years to come!!!! I recommend him to everyone that wants a job done right! Thanks again Pete!!!!

Kathy Izykowicz, Parsippany NJ - March 31, 2012

Great Customer Service

My tree dropped lots of needles once i got it in the house and I called the owner and he offered to bring me another tree and take the old one out. I went to pick out another tree which he tagged for me and he offered to come look at the tree I had picked up. He came to my house and checked out the tree which i decided to keep even though he offered to deliver another tree. You don't get service like that from Home depot or the pop up xmas tree vendors. I would go back time and again. What a great experience to have someone that actually cares about the customer. Thanks Peter.

Teresa Whippany, NJ - December 12, 2011

Great, helpful, family-owned

Peter is definitely a business owner who is a perfectionist and takes pride in his business. We decided to go to Bush's to pick out our Christmas tree, as we figured the trees would be fresher than at a place like Home Depot. Pete and his staff were really friendly the whole time. The next day, we noticed that the tree was shedding what we figured must be a LOT of needles and were worried that it wouldn't last till Christmas. We called and Peter offered to bring us another tree of our choice, and take the other one. He also called the farmer who grew the trees to see what to look for, and make sure the tree was healthy enough to last till Christmas. Turns out the shedding was normal, but he came all the way to our house, checked our tree himself, and was extremely helpful. I will definitely deal with this company in the future. You just don't get that kind of politeness, helpfulness, and someone who takes a lot of pride in their business and will go out of their way just to make sure you've gotten a good product. Thanks!

Lia Tamborra Whippany, NJ - December 08, 2011